How to Find a Green Hotel in Canada

When researching green hotels in specific Canadian destinations we used a variety of information sources including the hotels’ own websites, which surprisingly were often less informative than some of the independent resources. Of the several websites dedicated to green hotels and lodging, we found ourselves drawn to the the following sites on a regular basis:

Green Key Eco Rating Program

The Green Key Eco-Rating Program requires hotels to complete a detailed audit relating to the environmental management of the property. The audit, which is completed online, consists of around 150 questions covering 5 operational areas relating to 9 areas of sustainable practice. Once completed, the hotel’s Green Key Rating is calculated by the system, along with a report of recommended improvements. This program is completely voluntary, and the audit is self-administered, however around 20% of the properties are subjected to an on-site inspection to verify the rating.
A search for member hotels by destination can be started from the home page, and a complete list of member properties can be seen here.

Audobon Green Leaf Eco Rating Program

Hotels are given an eco-rating based on the results of a self completed survey which focuses on the 4 key areas of energy efficiency, pollution prevention, environmental management and resource conservation. The survey is examined by Audobon Green Leaf staff who then prepare an environmental performance report with recommendations for potential improvement. Within a year of receiving the eco-rating an on-site inspection is performed by Audobon Green Leaf staff to verify the rating.
A PDF list of their recognized properties can be seen here

I Stay Green

IStayGreen’s website allows you to search for hotels based on their ‘Eco Leaf’ rating as generated by the IStayGreen audit. You can also view the eco-friendly initiatives of any audited property which gives the property owner the opportunity to elaborate on some of these initiatives. Travellers are encouraged to submit environmental reviews for hotels they have stayed at, and the website also offers a hotel reservations service.

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